Wing IDE 101 v. 5.0.0-rc2 Installers

Wing IDE 101 is free scaled down Python IDE designed for teaching introductory programming classes. It omits many features found in Wing IDE Professional and makes simplifications appropriate for beginners.

If you are new to programming, check out the book Python Programming Fundamentals and accompanying screen casts, which use Wing IDE 101 to teach programming with Python.

Note: This is a release candidate. See release notes for details.

Change Log

Change Log  5.0.0-1   


Wing IDE 101 / Windows  5.0.0-1   SHA1:d2c9f1923d87475a061f888ec23de3be19e04415

Linux - Debian/Ubuntu Package

Wing IDE 101 / Linux (x86 32-bit)  5.0.0-1   SHA1:ddc2b5ccedad7fc9ffcffafbc46c25f6e4f5d09a

Wing IDE 101 / Linux (x86 64-bit)  5.0.0-1   SHA1:da15af7b3564fa7e0dff19d14be32b076fd114d9

Linux - RPM Package

Wing IDE 101 / Linux (x86 32-bit)  5.0.0-1   SHA1:29427a56f09b896949e22f0856427521a11058c4

Wing IDE 101 / Linux (x86 64-bit)  5.0.0-1   SHA1:dd29d66072db3d74d21ec7a5bd91e622f2c22deb

Linux - Universal Tar Package

Wing IDE 101 / Linux (x86 32-bit)  5.0.0-1   SHA1:9af3217dbd9939d52e6d04cf2b3e48b9f1b4abd7

Wing IDE 101 / Linux (x86 64-bit)  5.0.0-1   SHA1:c3cd1a75941e9a58c247cae58c677d1d662769d7

Zip Installer Archive

Wing IDE 101 / Windows  5.0.0-1   SHA1:77f52284dcfd013a690d02c4bcafab7cd18e7f10

OS X - Disk Image

Wing IDE 101 / OS X 10.6+  5.0.0-1   SHA1:77203a52bba028b4441123747e9628222cd21910


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