3. Primer

This section is a brief introduction to concepts and syntax, to provide authors enough information to author documents productively without having to become ``nicians.''

Perhaps the most important concept to keep in mind while marking up Python documentation is the while is unstructured, was designed as a layer on top of which specifically supports structured markup. The Python-specific markup is intended to extend the structure provided by standard document classes to support additional information specific to Python.

documents contain two parts: the preamble and the body. The preamble is used to specify certain metadata about the document itself, such as the title, the list of authors, the date, and the class the document belongs to. Additional information used to control index generation and the use of bibliographic databases can also be placed in the preamble. For most authors, the preamble can be most easily created by copying it from an existing document and modifying a few key pieces of information.

The class of a document is used to place a document within a broad category of documents and set some fundamental formatting properties. For Python documentation, two classes are used: the manual class and the howto class. These classes also define the additional markup used to document Python concepts and structures. Specific information about these classes is provided in section 4, ``Document Classes,'' below. The first thing in the preamble is the declaration of the document's class.

After the class declaration, a number of macros are used to provide further information about the document and setup any additional markup that is needed. No output is generated from the preamble; it is an error to include free text in the preamble because it would cause output.

The document body follows the preamble. This contains all the printed components of the document marked up structurally.

XXX This section will discuss what the markup looks like, and explain the difference between an environment and a macro.

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