5.8 Reference List Markup

Many sections include a list of references to module documentation or external documents. These lists are created using the \seealso environment. This environment defines some additional macros to support creating reference entries in a reasonable manner.

This environment creates a ``See also:'' heading and defines the markup used to describe individual references.

\seemodule [key]{name}{why}
Refer to another module. why should be a brief explanation of why the reference may be interesting. The module name is given in name, with the link key given in key if necessary. In the HTML and PDF conversions, the module name will be a hyperlink to the referred-to module. Note: The module must be documented in the same document (the corresponding \declaremodule is required).

\seetext {text}
Add arbitrary text text to the ``See also:'' list. This can be used to refer to off-line materials or on-line materials using the \url macro.

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