2.4 Distributing your extension modules

When distributing your extension modules in source form, make sure to include a Setup file. The Setup file should be named Setup.in in the distribution. The make file make file, Makefile.pre.in, will copy Setup.in to Setup. Distributing a Setup.in file makes it easy for people to customize the Setup file while keeping the original in Setup.in.

It is a good idea to include a copy of Makefile.pre.in for people who do not have a source distribution of Python.

Do not distribute a make file. People building your modules should use Makefile.pre.in to build their own make file. A README file included in the package should provide simple instructions to perform the build.

Work is being done to make building and installing Python extensions easier for all platforms; this work in likely to supplant the current approach at some point in the future. For more information or to participate in the effort, refer to http://www.python.org/sigs/distutils-sig/ on the Python Web site.

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