8.3 grp -- The group database

Availability: Unix.

This module provides access to the Unix group database. It is available on all Unix versions.

Group database entries are reported as 4-tuples containing the following items from the group database (see <grp.h>), in order:

Index  Field  Meaning 
gr_name the name of the group
gr_passwd the (encrypted) group password; often empty
gr_gid the numerical group ID
gr_mem all the group member's user names

The gid is an integer, name and password are strings, and the member list is a list of strings. (Note that most users are not explicitly listed as members of the group they are in according to the password database.) KeyError is raised if the entry asked for cannot be found.

It defines the following items:

getgrgid (gid)
Return the group database entry for the given numeric group ID.

getgrnam (name)
Return the group database entry for the given group name.

getgrall ()
Return a list of all available group entries, in arbitrary order.

See Also:

Module pwd:
An interface to the user database, similar to this.

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