1. Introduction

The modules in this manual are available on the Apple Macintosh only.

Aside from the modules described here there are also interfaces to various MacOS toolboxes, which are currently not extensively described. The toolboxes for which modules exist are: AE (Apple Events), Cm (Component Manager), Ctl (Control Manager), Dlg (Dialog Manager), Evt (Event Manager), Fm (Font Manager), List (List Manager), Menu (Moenu Manager), Qd (QuickDraw), Qt (QuickTime), Res (Resource Manager and Handles), Scrap (Scrap Manager), Snd (Sound Manager), TE (TextEdit), Waste (non-Apple TextEdit replacement) and Win (Window Manager).

If applicable the module will define a number of Python objects for the various structures declared by the toolbox, and operations will be implemented as methods of the object. Other operations will be implemented as functions in the module. Not all operations possible in C will also be possible in Python (callbacks are often a problem), and parameters will occasionally be different in Python (input and output buffers, especially). All methods and functions have a __doc__string describing their arguments and return values, and for additional description you are referred to Inside Macintosh or similar works.

The following modules are documented here:

mac Implementations for the os module.
macpath MacOS path manipulation functions.
ctb Interfaces to the Communications Tool Box. Only the Connection Manager is supported.
macconsole Think C's console package.
macdnr Interfaces to the Macintosh Domain Name Resolver.
macfs Support for FSSpec, the Alias Manager, finder aliases, and the Standard File package.
ic Access to Internet Config.
MacOS Access to MacOS specific interpreter features.
macostools Convenience routines for file manipulation.
findertools Wrappers around the finder's Apple Events interface.
mactcp The MacTCP interfaces.
macspeech Interface to the Macintosh Speech Manager.
EasyDialogs Basic Macintosh dialogs.
FrameWork Interactive application framework.
MiniAEFrame Support to act as an Open Scripting Architecture (OSA) server (``Apple Events'').

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