13. macspeech -- Interface to the Macintosh Speech Manager

Availability: Macintosh.

This module provides an interface to the Macintosh Speech Manager, allowing you to let the Macintosh utter phrases. You need a version of the Speech Manager extension (version 1 and 2 have been tested) in your Extensions folder for this to work. The module does not provide full access to all features of the Speech Manager yet. It may not be available in all Mac Python versions.

Available ()
Test availability of the Speech Manager extension (and, on the PowerPC, the Speech Manager shared library). Return 0 or 1.

Version ()
Return the (integer) version number of the Speech Manager.

SpeakString (str)
Utter the string str using the default voice, asynchronously. This aborts any speech that may still be active from prior SpeakString() invocations.

Busy ()
Return the number of speech channels busy, system-wide.

CountVoices ()
Return the number of different voices available.

GetIndVoice (num)
Return a Voice object for voice number num.

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