5.2 console window object

The file object corresponding to this console window. If the file is buffered, you should call file.flush() between write() and read() calls.

setmode (mode)
Set the input mode of the console to C_ECHO, etc.

settabs (n)
Set the tabsize to n spaces.

cleos ()
Clear to end-of-screen.

cleol ()
Clear to end-of-line.

inverse (onoff)
Enable inverse-video mode: characters with the high bit set are displayed in inverse video (this disables the upper half of a non-ASCII character set).

gotoxy (x, y)
Set the cursor to position (x, y).

hide ()
Hide the window, remembering the contents.

show ()
Show the window again.

echo2printer ()
Copy everything written to the window to the printer as well.

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