18.1.2 Port Objects

Port objects, as returned by openport(), have the following methods:

closeport ()
Close the port.

getfd ()
Return the file descriptor as an int.

getfilled ()
Return the number of filled samples.

getfillable ()
Return the number of fillable samples.

readsamps (nsamples)
Read a number of samples from the queue, blocking if necessary. Return the data as a string containing the raw data, (e.g., 2 bytes per sample in big-endian byte order (high byte, low byte) if you have set the sample width to 2 bytes).

writesamps (samples)
Write samples into the queue, blocking if necessary. The samples are encoded as described for the readsamps() return value.

getfillpoint ()
Return the `fill point'.

setfillpoint (fillpoint)
Set the `fill point'.

getconfig ()
Return a configuration object containing the current configuration of the port.

setconfig (config)
Set the configuration from the argument, a configuration object.

getstatus (list)
Get status information on last error.

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