12.15.1 MH Objects

MH instances have the following methods:

error (format[, ...])
Print an error message - can be overridden.

getprofile (key)
Return a profile entry (None if not set).

getpath ()
Return the mailbox pathname.

getcontext ()
Return the current folder name.

setcontext (name)
Set the current folder name.

listfolders ()
Return a list of top-level folders.

listallfolders ()
Return a list of all folders.

listsubfolders (name)
Return a list of direct subfolders of the given folder.

listallsubfolders (name)
Return a list of all subfolders of the given folder.

makefolder (name)
Create a new folder.

deletefolder (name)
Delete a folder - must have no subfolders.

openfolder (name)
Return a new open folder object.

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