12. Internet Data Handling

This chapter describes modules which support handling data formats commonly used on the internet. Some, like SGML and XML, may be useful for other applications as well.

formatter Generic output formatter and device interface.
rfc822 Parse RFC 822 style mail headers.
mimetools Tools for parsing MIME-style message bodies.
MimeWriter Generic MIME file writer.
multifile Support for reading files which contain distinct parts, such as some MIME data.
binhex Encode and decode files in binhex4 format.
uu Encode and decode files in uuencode format.
binascii Tools for converting between binary and various ASCII<#29051#><#29051#>-encoded binary representations.
xdrlib Encoders and decoders for the External Data Representation (XDR).
mailcap Mailcap file handling.
mimetypes Mapping of filename extensions to MIME types.
base64 Encode and decode files using the MIME base64 data.
quopri Encode and decode files using the MIME quoted-printable encoding.
mailbox Read various mailbox formats.
mhlib Manipulate MH mailboxes from Python.
mimify Mimification and unmimification of mail messages.
netrc Loading of .netrc files.
robotparser Accepts as input a list of lines or URL that refers to a robots.txt file, parses the file, then builds a set of rules from that list and answers questions about fetchability of other URLs.

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