11.9.1 IMAP4 Objects

All IMAP4rev1 commands are represented by methods of the same name, either upper-case or lower-case.

All arguments to commands are converted to strings, except for "AUTHENTICATE", and the last argument to "APPEND" which is passed as an IMAP4 literal. If necessary (the string contains IMAP4 protocol-sensitive characters and isn't enclosed with either parentheses or double quotes) each string is quoted. However, the password argument to the "LOGIN" command is always quoted. If you want to avoid having an argument string quoted (eg: the flags argument to "STORE") then enclose the string in parentheses (eg: r'(\Deleted)').

Each command returns a tuple: (type, [data, ...]) where type is usually 'OK' or 'NO', and data is either the text from the command response, or mandated results from the command.

An IMAP4 instance has the following methods:

append(mailbox, flags, date_time, message)
Append message to named mailbox.

Authenticate command -- requires response processing. This is currently unimplemented, and raises an exception.

Checkpoint mailbox on server.

Close currently selected mailbox. Deleted messages are removed from writable mailbox. This is the recommended command before "LOGOUT".

copy(message_set, new_mailbox)
Copy message_set messages onto end of new_mailbox.

Create new mailbox named mailbox.

Delete old mailbox named mailbox.

Permanently remove deleted items from selected mailbox. Generates an "EXPUNGE" response for each deleted message. Returned data contains a list of "EXPUNGE" message numbers in order received.

fetch(message_set, message_parts)
Fetch (parts of) messages. message_parts should be a string of message part names enclosed within parentheses, eg: ""(UID BODY[TEXT])"". Returned data are tuples of message part envelope and data.

list([directory[, pattern]])
List mailbox names in directory matching pattern. directory defaults to the top-level mail folder, and pattern defaults to match anything. Returned data contains a list of "LIST" responses.

login(user, password)
Identify the client using a plaintext password. The password will be quoted.

Shutdown connection to server. Returns server "BYE" response.

lsub([directory[, pattern]])
List subscribed mailbox names in directory matching pattern. directory defaults to the top level directory and pattern defaults to match any mailbox. Returned data are tuples of message part envelope and data.

Send "NOOP" to server.

open(host, port)
Opens socket to port at host. You may override this method.

partial(message_num, message_part, start, length)
Fetch truncated part of a message. Returned data is a tuple of message part envelope and data.

Prompt server for an update. Returned data is None if no new messages, else value of "RECENT" response.

rename(oldmailbox, newmailbox)
Rename mailbox named oldmailbox to newmailbox.

Return data for response code if received, or None. Returns the given code, instead of the usual type.

search(charset, criterium[, ...])
Search mailbox for matching messages. Returned data contains a space separated list of matching message numbers. charset may be None, in which case no "CHARSET" will be specified in the request to the server. The IMAP protocol requires that at least one criterium be specified; an exception will be raised when the server returns an error.


# M is a connected IMAP4 instance...
msgnums = M.search(None, 'FROM', '"LDJ"')

# or:
msgnums = M.search(None, '(FROM "LDJ")')

select([mailbox[, readonly]])
Select a mailbox. Returned data is the count of messages in mailbox ("EXISTS" response). The default mailbox is 'INBOX'. If the readonly flag is set, modifications to the mailbox are not allowed.

Returns socket instance used to connect to server.

status(mailbox, names)
Request named status conditions for mailbox.

store(message_set, command, flag_list)
Alters flag dispositions for messages in mailbox.

Subscribe to new mailbox.

uid(command, arg[, ...])
Execute command args with messages identified by UID, rather than message number. Returns response appropriate to command. At least one argument must be supplied; if none are provided, the server will return an error and an exception will be raised.

Unsubscribe from old mailbox.

xatom(name[, arg[, ...]])
Allow simple extension commands notified by server in "CAPABILITY" response.

The following attributes are defined on instances of IMAP4:

The most recent supported protocol in the "CAPABILITY" response from the server.

Integer value to control debugging output. The initialize value is taken from the module variable Debug. Values greater than three trace each command.

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