10.8.2 HotProfile Class

Deprecated since release 2.1.2. This class will be removed in Python 2.2.

This profiler is the fastest derived profile example. It does not calculate caller-callee relationships, and does not calculate cumulative time under a function. It only calculates time spent in a function, so it runs very quickly (re: very low overhead). In truth, the basic profiler is so fast, that is probably not worth the savings to give up the data, but this class still provides a nice example.

class HotProfile(Profile):

    def trace_dispatch_exception(self, frame, t):
        rt, rtt, rfn, rframe, rcur = self.cur
        if rcur and not rframe is frame:
            return self.trace_dispatch_return(rframe, t)
        return 0

    def trace_dispatch_call(self, frame, t):
        self.cur = (t, 0, frame, self.cur)
        return 1

    def trace_dispatch_return(self, frame, t):
        rt, rtt, frame, rcur = self.cur

        rfn = `frame.f_code`

        pt, ptt, pframe, pcur = rcur
        self.cur = pt, ptt+rt, pframe, pcur

        if self.timings.has_key(rfn):
            nc, tt = self.timings[rfn]
            self.timings[rfn] = nc + 1, rt + rtt + tt
            self.timings[rfn] =      1, rt + rtt

        return 1

    def snapshot_stats(self):
        self.stats = {}
        for func in self.timings.keys():
            nc, tt = self.timings[func]
            nor_func = self.func_normalize(func)
            self.stats[nor_func] = nc, nc, tt, 0, {}

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