Keyboard Personalities

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The default keyboard personality for Wing implements the most common keyboard equivalents found in a many text editors.

Before doing anything else, you may want to set Wing's keyboard personality to emulate another editor, such as VI/Vim, Emacs, Visual Studio, Eclipse, XCode, MATLAB, or Brief. This is done with the Edit > Keyboard Personality menu or with the User Interface > Keyboard > Personality preference.

See the Key Binding Reference for a list of the key bindings supported for each keyboard personality.

Under the VI/Vim and Emacs personalities, key strokes can be used to control most of the editor's functionality, by interacting with a 'mini-buffer' at the bottom of the IDE window where the current line number and status messages are displayed.

Other preferences that alter keyboard behavior include User Interface > Keyboard > Tab Key Action and Editor > Auto-completion > Completion Keys.

In Wing Pro and Wing Personal it is also possible to add, alter, or remove individual key bindings in each of these personalities. See the following sub-sections for details.

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2.2.0. Key Bindings
2.2.1. Key Maps
2.2.2. Key Names