Navigating the Views

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Double-clicking on an item in the Source Browser navigates to that symbol in the editor.

Files visited from the Source Browser are opened in transient mode and may automatically close, if not edited. See Transient, Sticky, and Locked Editors for details.

The option Follow Selection in the Options menu causes the browser to open files whenever the currently selected item changes.

Right-clicking on classes shows a popup menu that includes items for navigating to super classes.

Keyboard Navigation

Once it has the focus, the Source Browser is navigable from the keyboard, using the arrow keys, page up and page down, and home/end. Press the right arrow key on a parent to expand it, and the left arrow key to collapse it. Pressing Enter or Return will open the current item into the editor.


When a symbol is visited in the editor, Wing highlights it briefly with a callout, as configured from the Editor > Callouts preferences group.