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Wingware collects as little information about its customers as is reasonably necessary to conduct business with them, and never rents or sells information about its customers to a third party. However, customer identity and personal information may be used by Wingware to conduct its own demographic research for marketing purposes, to comply with regulatory or legal requirements, or in confidential applications for services such as insurance.

This product may submit certain information to Wingware, using https encrypted communication, as follows:

License Activation

In products that require a license, such as Wing Pro, a license activation process takes place before you can use the software. This is true both for trial licenses and when activating a purchased license. The information passed to our servers includes:

  • License number
  • For trial licenses only, an SHA hash of machine identity metrics that include hardware serial number, ethernet number, and file system IDs
  • The request code, which is an SHA hash of the license number, date, and the same machine identity metrics listed above
  • Your IP address
  • The optional user information that you entered into the license activation dialog for the purpose of license recovery

License activation is a requirement and cannot be disabled. However, it can be done manually via if you don't want Wing to connect directly to

Update Check

Wing periodically checks for updates by contacting This check will send the following information:

  • License number
  • Current version and patch level
  • Your IP address

Update checks can be disabled with the User Interface > Other > Auto-check for Product Updates preference and by not using Check for Updates in the Help menu.

Bug Reports and Feedback

Wing provides a mechanism for submitting bug reports and feedback, which may send the following information to our servers:

  • Any text entered into the bug report and feedback dialogs
  • License number
  • Your IP address
  • Basic host and installation data including product version and patch level, installation location, settings directory, cache directory, OS type and version, CPU type, memory size, local IP addresses, currently open project, and active Python installation location and version
  • In bug reports, you may optionally include a log of recent IDE activity, the filename of which is given in the bug submission dialog

To avoid submitting this information to Wingware, simply refrain from submitting any bug reports or feedback from the Help menu.

Usage Statistics

Wing periodically submits usage statistics to help us understand which features are most used and to help provide support. The data sent consists of:

  • Product type, version, and patch level
  • License number
  • Your IP address
  • Usage statistics consisting of (name, value) pairs where name is a code identifying an IDE feature, such as 'debug.start', '', and 'minutes-used', and value is an integer count

To avoid submitting usage statistics, disable the User Interface > Other > Submit Usage Stats preference.

Special Offers

Wing periodically checks for special offers posted by Wingware and presents these to the user. This is done as part of the product update check and sends no additional information to

To turn off display of special offers without disabling update checks, uncheck the User Interface > Other > Show Discount Offers preference.

AI Assisted Development

If you use Wing Pro's AI assisted development features then some of your code will be sent to the AI provider that you have selected along with your requests to the AI. Wingware has no control over what an AI providers does with this data, but the AI provider's privacy and data protection policy should make that clear.

You can avoid sending your code to an AI provider simply by leaving Wing Pro's AI configuration at the default setting of Disabled, on the Configuration page of the AI tool.

See also AI Assisted Development Privacy and Data Protection.