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Project Manager Commands

Project Manager Commands

These commands act on the project manager or on the current project, regardless of whether the project list has the keyboard focus.

add-current-file-to-project ()

Add the frontmost currently open file to project Key Bindings: Wing IDE: Ctrl-Shift-I; Brief: Ctrl-Shift-I; Eclipse: Ctrl-Shift-I; Emacs: Ctrl-Shift-I; OS X: Command-Shift-I; VI/VIM: Ctrl-Shift-I; Visual Studio: Ctrl-Shift-I; XCode: Command-Shift-I

add-directory-to-project (loc=None, recursive=True, filter='*', include_hidden=False, gui=True)

Add directory to project.

add-file-to-project ()

Add an existing file to the project.

browse-selected-from-project ()

Browse file currently selected in the project manager

clear-project-main-debug-file ()

Clear main debug entry point to nothing, so that debugging runs the file in the current editor by default

close-project ()

Close currently open project file

debug-selected-from-project ()

Start debugging the file currently selected in the project manager

execute-selected-from-project ()

Execute the file currently selected in the project manager

new-project (show_dialog=None)

Create a new blank project. Use show_dialog to control whether the New Project dialog is shown or instead a blank new project is created. By default, the Project > Show New Project Dialog preference is used.

open-ext-selected-from-project ()

Open file currently selected in the project manager

open-project (filename=None)

Open the given project file, or prompt the user to select a file if the filename is not given.

open-selected-from-project ()

Open files currently selected in the project manager

remove-directory-from-project (loc=None, gui=True)

Remove directory from project.

remove-selection-from-project ()

Remove currently selected file or package from the project

rescan-project-directories (dirs=None, recursive=True)

Scan project directories for changes. If list of directories is not specified, currently selected directories are used.

save-project ()

Save project file.

save-project-as (filename=None)

Save project file under the given name, or prompt user for a name if the filename is not given.

set-current-as-main-debug-file ()

Set current editor file as the main debug entry point for this project

set-selected-as-main-debug-file ()

Set selected file as the main debug file for this project

show-analysis-stats ()

Show the effective Python version and path for the current configuration. This command name will be deprecated in Wing 5 and removed in Wing 6. Use show-python-environment in any new code or key bindings.

show-current-file-in-project-tool ()

Show the currently selected file in the project view, if present. The selection may be the current editor, if it has focus, or files selected in other views.

show-project-window ()

Raise the project manager window

show-python-environment ()

Show the effective Python version and path for the current configuration

view-directory-properties (loc=None)

Show the project manager's directory properties dialog

view-file-properties (loc=None, page=None, highlighted_attribs=None)

View project properties for a particular file (current file if none is given) Key Bindings: Eclipse: Alt-Enter; OS X: Command-I; XCode: Command-I

view-project-as-flat-tree ()

View project as flattened directory tree from project file

view-project-as-tree ()

View project as directory tree from project file

view-project-properties (highlighted_attrib=None)

View or change project-wide properties Key Bindings: Visual Studio: Alt-F7

Project Manager Commands