File Filters

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The Files > File Types > File Filters preference allows you to define filters that constrain file selection for the project and searching. When adding or editing a filter, the following information may be entered:

  • Name -- The display name for the filter
  • Includes -- A list of inclusion criteria, each of which contains a type and a specification. A file will be included by the filter if any one of these include criteria matches the file.
  • Excludes -- A list of exclusion criteria, any of which can match to cause a file to be excluded by the filter even if one or more includes also matched.

The following types of include and exclude criteria are supported:

  • Wildcard on File Name -- The specification in this case is a wildcard that must match the file name. The wildcards supported are * to match any string, ? to many any single character, [seq] to match any character in a sequence, and [!seq] to match any character not in a sequence. Sequences may be a list of characters or a range specifier such as a-z or 0-9. If the specification contains no wildcard characters, it is treated as a file extension.
  • Wildcard on Directory Name -- The specification in this case is a wildcard that must match the directory name.
  • Mime Type -- The specification in this case names a MIME type supported by Wing. If additional file extensions need to be mapped to a MIME type, use the Files > File Types > Extra File Types preference to define them.

Once defined, filters are presented by name in the Search in Files tool's Filter menu, and in the Project tool's Directory Properties.

Any problems encountered in using the file filters are reported in the Messages tool.