Debug Console Options

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The Options menu in the Debug Console provides the following:

Clear truncates previous text from the shell.

Save a Copy stores a copy of the shell's contents to a disk file.

Wrap Lines causes the shell to wrap long output lines in the display.

Pretty Print causes Wing to use Python's pprint module to format output.

Enable Auto-completion controls whether Wing will show the auto-completer in the Debug Console.

Filter History by Entered Prefix causes up/down arrow key traversal of history to match only items that start with the string between the prompt and the caret. If no string was typed before pressing the up arrow then all history items are traversed.

Evaluate Only Whole Lines causes Wing to round up the selection to the nearest line when evaluating selections, making it easier to select the desired range.

Enable Debugging controls whether code run in the Debug Console will be debugged recursively

Enable Recursive Prompt causes the Debug Console to present a new prompt when debugging, even if the previous prompt invocation has not completed because the debugger is paused or at a breakpoint or exception. Execution returns to the previous prompt when the debug process is continued.

The preference Debugger > Shells > Show Editor on Exceptions in Shells can be used to determine whether source code windows will be raised when exceptions occur in the Debug Console.