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The first time you run Wing, it will create your User Settings Directory automatically. This directory is used to store your license, preferences, auto-save files, recent lists, and other files used internally by Wing. If the directory cannot be created, Wing will exit.

The settings directory is created in a location appropriate to your operating system. The location is listed as your Settings Directory in the About Box accessible from the Help menu.

These are the locations used by Wing:

Linux/Unix -- ~/.wingide5 (a sub-directory of your home directory)

Windows -- In Wing IDE 5 within the per-user application data directory. The location varies by version of Windows. For Windows 2000 and XP running on c: with an English localization the location is:

c:\Documents and Settings\${username}\Application Data\Wing IDE 5

For Vista running on c: with an English localization the location is:

c:\Users\${username}\AppData\Roaming\Wing IDE 5

Wing also creates a Cache Directory that contains the source analysis cache. This is often but not always in the same location as the above. On Windows, this directory is usually in the per-user directory under Local Settings on 2000 and XP and under Local on Vista. This directory is also listed in the About Box.

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