Opening Files

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Files can be opened from the Project tool by double clicking or middle clicking on the file name, or by right-clicking and using the Open in Wing menu item.

Files can be shown within their directory in the native file explorer for the OS by right-clicking on the item in the Project tool and selecting Show in Explorer (on Windows), Show in Finder (on macOS), or Show Directory (on Linux).

Files may also be opened using an external viewer or editor by right-clicking on the file and using the Open in External Viewer item. On Windows and macOS, this opens the file as if double clicked in the OS file browser. On Linux, the preferences Files > External Display > File Display Commands and Files > File Types > Extra File Types are used to configure how files are opened.

Navigation Options

The Options menu in the Project tool provide options that control how navigation of the directory tree works:

Follow Selection can be checked to cause Wing to open any file selected in the Project tool, regardless of how the selectioni is mode. To avoid clutter, files are visited in transient mode, except if double clicked.

Follow Current Editor causes the current selection on the Project tree to track the current editor file.

Once it has the focus, the Project tool's tree is navigable with the keyboard, using the up/down arrow keys, page up and page down, and home/end. Use the right arrow key on a parent to display its children, or the left arrow key to hide them. Whenever a file is selected, pressing enter will open that item into an editor in Wing.