Enabling Windows 10 OpenSSH Client

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Newer versions of Windows 10 offer OpenSSH as an optional feature. This still seems to be prone to more problems than PuTTY but may work as an SSH client for setting up Wing's remote development support.

To enable Windows 10 OpenSSH, open the Settings application and go to the Apps > Apps & features page. Click on Manage optional features and use Add a feature to add OpenSSH Client. This installs OpenSSH into \Windows\System32\OpenSSH on your system drive. You may need to restart Wing before it finds it the installation, and you may need to log out and back in again before you can use it from the command line.

Once OpenSSH is installed, you will need to enable ssh-agent separately. To do that, open a Command Prompt as Administrator by typing cmd into Window's search area and right clicking on the Command Prompt result to select Run as Administrator. Then type the following at the prompt:

sc config ssh-agent start= demand

After this is done you can close the Command Prompt that is running as Administrator and proceed with the above instructions to generate a key pair and load it into ssh-agent.