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Environment Variable Expansion

Any string value for a property may contain environment variable references using the $(name) or $ {name} notation. These will be replaced with the value of the environment variable when used by the IDE. If the environment variable is not set, the reference will be replaced by an empty string. The system environment, as modified by the project-wide or per-file environment property (if defined), is used to expand variable references.

Special Environment Variables

The following special variable names are defined by Wing IDE for use in the $(name) or ${name} form:

  • WING:FILENAME -- full path of current file
  • WING:FILENAME_DIR -- full path of the directory containing the current file
  • WING:LINENO -- current line number in the current file
  • WING:SCOPE -- x.y.z-formatted name of the current scope in the current file (if Python)
  • WING:PROJECT full path of current project (including the project file name)
  • WING:PROJECT_DIR -- full path of the directory containing the current project
  • WING:PROJECT_HOME -- full path of the Project Home directory, as set in Project Properties (by default this is the same as WING:PROJECT_DIR)
  • WING:SELECTION -- the text selected on the current editor, if any

These may evaluate to an empty string when there is no current file name.

Environment Variable Expansion