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The easiest way to apply patches is with Check for Updates in Wing's Help menu. To apply a patch manually, unpack it into the Installation Directory listed in Wing's About box. After restarting Wing, the About box will also show the installed patches by number.

Fix documentation colors5.0.4-1p1  Fixes documentation and source assistant colors when using a dark color palette without setting Display Style preference to Match Palette
Fix Python Shell Environment5.0.4-1p3  Fix Python path, initial directory, and environment in the Python Shell when using a launch configuration, and fix Python path when using inherited environment.
Fix OS X Up/Down and Shift-Up/Down5.0.4-1p4OS XFix Up/Down arrow keys and Shift-Up/Down when using the OS X key binding
Fix numpy scraping5.0.4-1p5  Fixes scraping of recent numpy versions and other modules that use from . import ext imports
Fix PEP 287 Rendering5.0.4-1p5  Fixes rendering of PEP 287 docstrings in the Source Assistant when leading indent led to parse errors.
Fix introduce variable5.0.4-1p6  Fixes the introduce variable refactoring
Fix mtime related failures5.0.4-1p7  Fixes problems when an exception occurs when reading the mtime of a file

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