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Wing IDE Personal and 101 omit some of the features shown in the videos here. See the feature list for details.

These screencast tutorials go into some depth to teach new users how to use Wing IDE's feature set. Much shorter screencasts that simply illustrate the features in action are available in Benefits of Wing IDE, which describes why customers choose to use Wing IDE, and Features of Wing IDE, which focuses on showing off the feature set.

If you are new to programming, you may also want to check out the screencasts included with the book Python Programming Fundamentals, which uses Wing IDE 101 to teach programming with Python.

Getting Started and Editing Code with Wing IDE

This video covers the basics of getting started with Wing IDE, including setting some commonly used preferences, and working with the editor and code intelligence features to write code.

Or download Getting Started with Editing Code with Wing IDE (Flash Video format).

Debugging Code with Wing IDE

This video shows Wing IDE debugging the code that was developed in the first video above. It shows how to debug, and provides a quick tour of the most useful debugging features.

Or download Debugging Code with Wing IDE (Flash Video Format).