Command Line Usage

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Whenever you run wing5.0 from the command line, you may specify a list of files to open. These can be arbitrary text files and a project file. For example, the following will open project file myproject.wpr and also the three source files, README, and Makefile:

wing5.0 README Makefile myproject.wpr

(on Windows, the executable is called wing.exe)

Wing determines file type by extension, so position of the project file name (if any) on the command line is not important. A line number may be specified for the first file on the command line by appending :<line-number> to the file name (for example, README:100 will position the cursor at the start of the README file).

The following valid options may be specified anywhere on the command line:

--prefs-file -- Add the file name following this argument to the list of preferences files that are opened by the IDE. These files are opened after the system-wide and default user preferences files, so values in them override those given in other preferences files.

--new -- By default Wing will reuse an existing running instance of Wing IDE to open files specified on the command line. This option turns off this behavior and forces creation of a new instance of Wing IDE. Note that a new instance is always created if no files are given on the command line.

--reuse -- Force Wing to reuse an existing running instance of Wing IDE even if there are no file names given on the command line. This just brings Wing to the front.

--system-qt -- (Posix only) This option causes Wing to try to use the system-wide install of Qt rather than its own version of Qt. Running in this mode will cause Wing to pick up on system-wide theme defaults, but may result in crashing or display problems due to incompatibilities in Qt and related libraries.

--verbose -- (Posix only) This option causes Wing to print verbose error reporting output to stderr. On Windows, run console_wing.exe instead for the same result.

--use-sqlite-dotfile-locking -- (Posix only) Use sqlite dotfile locking when opening databases which are located under the ~/.cache directory or in the $XDG_CACHE_DIR.

--use-winghome -- (For developers only) This option sets WINGHOME to be used during this run. It is used internally and by developers contributing to Wing IDE. The directory to use follows this argument.

--use-src -- (For developers only) This option is used to force Wing to run from Python source files even if compiled files are present in the bin directory, as is the case after a distribution has been built.

--orig-python-path -- (For developers only) This option is used internally to indicate the original Python path in use by the user before Wing was launched. The path follows this argument.

--squelch-output -- (For developers only) This option prevents any output of any kind to stdout and stderr. Used on Windows to avoid console creation.

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