Migrating From Older Versions

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Moving to Wing 6 from earlier versions should be easy. The first time you start Wing 6, it will automatically convert your preferences from any older version of Wing and place them into your User Settings Directory.

Wing 6 can be installed and used side by side with older versions of Wing and operates completely independently. Projects from earlier versions of Wing will be converted and opened as untitled, and should be saved to a new file name since older versions of Wing cannot open Wing 6 projects.


Wing Personal is now free. Perpetual licenses for Wing Pro 5 and earlier that are not covered by Support+Upgrades must be upgraded before they can be activated for Wing Pro 6. This can be done in the online store.

Compatibility Changes in Wing 6

Wing 6 makes some incompatible changes in terms of which Python and OSes versions are supported, and in some of its feature set.

Supported Python Versions

  • Support for Python 3.1 was dropped. Python versions 2.5 through 2.7 and 3.2 through 3.7 are supported.
  • Wing now prefers the latest Python version even if it is Python 3.x

Supported OSes

  • Wing no longer runs on older Windows versions. Windows 7 and later are supported.
  • Wing no longer runs on OS X 10.6. Versions 10.7+ will work.
  • Old Linux distributions have been dropped. Ubuntu 12.04+, CentOS 7+, Kali 1.1+, Fedora 20+, and other glibc 2.15+ distributions should work.
  • Wing no longer runs on 32-bit Linux
  • On Linux, Wing can no longer use the native display style due to cross-distribution binary compatibility issues

Note: Wing can still work with many older Linux systems and 32-bit Linux through remote development.

Other Compatibility Changes

  • Wing Personal is now free and no longer requires a license to operate
  • The IDE error-log file in the User Settings Directory has been renamed ide.log
  • Wing 6 now runs on PyQt5, which solves some issues on newer OS versions and improves stability and performance
  • The Display Style and Color Palette preferences have been simplified
  • The default encoding for the Debug I/O and other tools is now utf-8. An external console can be used on Windows in order to use the encoding used in a cmd.exe.
  • When debugging with wingdbstub, Wing 6 will not work with the Wing 5 debugger
  • Host identity is now computed differently, which may affect when Wing accepts a previous license activation (please email support@wingware.com with any problems)
  • Renamed the preference Allow Dynamic Introspection to Allow Calls in Data Inspection
  • The pypath attrib returned from CAPIProject.GetLaunchAttrib in the scripting API has changed from a string with os.pathsep delimiter to a list of strings so this can handle the remote debugging case
  • Leading/trailing white space is now stripped from file names entered into preferences or project/file properties, including also Python Path entries
  • Wing now uses a more compact default output for 'hg annotate'
  • Active Range no longer shows code lines in the shell and instead points at exceptions in the editor
  • Wing no longer inherits DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in its environment on OS X, although the inherited value is still used for code debugged or executed from the IDE